Andrea Rugolo, scene-builder, illustrator and designer-constructor of puppets. After qualifying with distinction at the Accademia Albertina of Turin, he starts working as an illustrator for the grafic studio Maschietti. In 2002 he meets the director dramatist Beppe Rizzo with whom he starts a collaboration that will lead to various puppet theater performances and the birth of a company called “Oltreilponte theatre”. For them he will create the puppets for “Ballata per Woyzeck” (Ballad for Woyzeck, 2002), “Don Chisciotte, una storia per un sogno” (Don Chisciotte, a story for a dream 2003), “Faust e la mano bianca” (Faust and the white hand, 2004), “Romeo and Juliet” (2006), “Al paese di Pocapaglia” (In the land of Pocapaglia, 2008) all represented at various theatre festivals in Italy and the rest of Europe and winners of several prizes and acknowledgements.

At the same time he is working with the theatre company “Il melarancio” for which he creates sketches of the characters for the “Mari e Salgari” show (2004) under the directorship of Vanni Zinola. His constant interest in the construction of puppets leads to intensifying his relations with the turin puppet theatre scene. This results in collaborating with director Silvano Antonelli in “Fili in libertà” (2006), for which he studies and develops new techniques of movement. In the show “Ciottolino” (2004) under the directorship of Luca Valentino he is seen on stage as an animator alongside Claudio Cinelli. From 2003 on he becomes a member of the “Istituto perBeni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare” (popular theater institute) and alongside Claudio Cinelli, he works with Alfonso Cipolla and Giovanni Moretti constructing the equipment and show-cases for (or constructing the shape of) the exhebitions “I volti del doppio, dallo sciamano al burattinaio” (2003) and “Imagerie, teatrini e Sortilegi” (2004), all of them cretaed at Villa Boriglione Grugliasco. The theaterwork as scene-builder at the Teatro Regio of Turin leads to the creation of other scenografic material for different exhebitions: “Il meraviglioso Andersen” (2005) and “Piccoli alpini” (2006) for the Tancredi foundation of Barolo. While for the association “Tam Tam theatre” of Vercelli he works on the exhebition “Fantocci lirici” (2006).

All the work material is united in the personal exhebition “Andrea Rugolo” at the occasion of the XV Puppet Theater Festival of Wels (Austria,2006) and within the exhebition “Dalla matita al burattino” (from pencil to puppet). Twenty years of contructing for the exhebitions of Sandro Gindro trough the sketches of Francesca Moretti, Claudio Cinelli, Paolo Guasco, Andrea Rugolo (Torino, Teatro Araldo, 2004) “RUGOLO? Percorso fra burattini e figure di Andrea Rugolo” (Grugliasco, Casseta Popular, 2003), “I miei volumi corrono trionfanti” (Torino, Palazzo Barolo, 2003) bibliografic exhebition on Emilio Salgari sponsored by the Tancredi Foundation of Turin . The accumulated experience trough years of work has brought him to organising Puppet Construction Workshops for adults and children. At the moment he’s busy doing character design and studying the movement of shapes in stop motion.